.TH Domain Life Cycle

.TH Domain Life Cycel

THNIC announced the procedure update for domain name renewal and domain name restoration due to adjustment of .th and .ไทย lifecycle. This update will take effect on March 28, 2020. This procedure update includes:

Registered Period A period when a domain has already been registered in Domain Name System (DNS), no one cannot register this same name. Duration of this period is as long as the length of years of your domain name is registered or renewed. A domain name can be registered or renewed for minimum of 1 year and maximum period of 10 years each time. During this phase, users can renew a domain name at anytime and it is advisable to proceed in advance before the end of expiry date to prevent domain name from expired. Domain name in this period posses Active status in WHOIS database, beginning from created date until expired date. If a domain name is renewed in this period in order to maintain Active status always, resulting in a continuous usage of domain name.

Renewal Grace Period (15 days) If a domain name is not renewed before its expiry date, this domain status will be changed to Expired on the following day, and domain life cycle will enter Renewal Grace Period for 15 days after the expiry date. During this phase the domain name is auto-renewed temporarily to provide grace time for users to proceed renewal of domain name while still able to use the domain name continuously.

Hold Period (15 days) If a domain name is not renewed before deadline of renewal grace period, on the following day the registrar will put domain name on-hold for the period of 15 days (Registrar Hold). During this period, DNS will temporarily unavailable because the domain name is removed from zone file, resulting in unavailable access to website, email service, etc. Users can un-hold domain name by themselves in the domain name management system with no additional charge, but domain name renewal must be done urgently before this period ending. Once the domain name is renewed, status of domain name will be Active, and it will be available as usual.

Redemption Grace Period (30 days) If a domain name is not renewed before the given grace deadline of hold period, by the following day the registrar will send delete command to the registry operator. This phase the registry operator will prepare to delete domain name, but still provide another 30 days grace period for restoration of domain name. During this period, users still hold rights over domain name and able to renew it, but will subject to redemption fee in addition to renewal fee.

Pending Deletion Period (5 days) A domain name that is not restored and renewed within deadline of Redemption Grace Period will enter into deletion process, to be permanently removed from the registry database which will take up to 5 days. During this time, it is not possible to restore, renew nor register the domain name until it is released to be available name ready for re-registration.

• A newly registered domain name, no longer than 5 days, is allowed to delete and re-register one more time with no additional charge unless in case of adding number of registration year. For example, in case of incorrect spelling or inaccurate record of significant information. The re-registration must be done within 5 days after the domain name is deleted. If delayed, there will be another charge of the registration fee.
• A domain name older than 5 days cannot be deleted and re-register immediately. It will be available for new registration after 35 days.
• If a registered domain name is deleted before the end of its regular domain name life cycle, the domain name will enter into the Redemption Grace Period for 30 days, follow by the Pending Deletion Period for 5 days.

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