How to Renew Domain?

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18-08-2020 10:09

Renewing your domain


1. Please login to the system at and click on the Domain (1.1) menu. Then, click on the Renew (1.2) button next to the domain that you’d like to renew.




2. Pick the duration (in years) that you would like to renew (2.1). (The maximum period of registration for a domain name is 10 years except for domains under .th. You may choose to renew a domain in a range of 1-10 years, but keep in mind that the total period must not exceed a timespan of 10 years. Please note that the day and month are counted as well. For instance, if your domain expires on the 15th of October, 2015, and you would like to renew on the 14th of September, 2015, you may only renew up to 9 years, since your domain would initially have 1 month registration period.) When you have chosen your renewal duration, press Next (2.2).

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3. You will be taken to the My Cart page. Click Next.




4. After that, your order confirmation will be displayed, along with the total amount of payment required. Please select one of the available payment options (either Bank Transfer or Paysbuy for credit card payment). Then, check the check box to agree with DotArai’s Service Agreement (4.2) and press Confirm order (4.3).




5. The order and payment confirmation will be displayed, as shown in the image below. If you selected and done with the Paysbuy payment option, your renewal request process is now completed. Otherwise, please proceed to Step 6.




Note: Should you wish to acquire the quotation for the order, please click on the Quotation button. You may then print the quotation generated by the system right away.


Please keep in mind that this quotation is generated from the database using the information of domain name billing contact. Should you wish to make any adjustments to the content displayed in the quotation, or wish to receive the original copy of the quotation by postal mail, please inform us via email:


6. After submitting the renewal request through the web interface, had your payment method been Bank Transfer, please submit your  money transfer evidences to DotArai, by scanning the Bank/ATM slips (or any other items that serves as a valid evidence of the money transfer) and uploading them to the product basket menu.

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